what can you do with a political science degree

Jobs for Those Who Have a Political Science Degree

What can you do with a political science degree? Those who are deciding whether or not to go into political science may find themselves wondering this question. For many, when they think of political science they think of government or teaching. While those are both likely job choices, there are quite a few other job opportunities available for those who have a political science degree.  Keep in mind that in today’s changing world of high tech technologies, this career is in less demand.  There is a high percentage of graduate students which cannot find jobs in this profession. Do not be discourage but do your diligent research to find out which areas of political science major are in demand.

For some, working with a candidate during an election is a dream job. If you have a political science degree, this career path could be a great option. There are two different categories in this field: working for a single candidate or working with a party. Each of these have pros and cons. If you are working for a single candidate, usually your job only lasts as long as the election year, while they are campaigning. Luckily though, if you are loyal and reliable and the candidate wins, you could potentially get a government job in the future. On the other hand, if you work with a specific party you are more likely to get a year-round position. In addition, you will work with quite a few different candidates rather than just one.

As stated above, a career in government was a common answer when asked, what can you do with a political science degree? Jobs available in the government sector are increasing, with that comes the need for more individuals with a political science degree. There are two main types of government jobs available: civil service and working in the offices of elected officials. Civil service plays a large part in American bureaucracy . Civil servants are those who make sure everything is running smoothly. For example, they inspect the bridges we drive on. They are also the individuals we talk to when we need to make a claim about unemployment. If you choose to work in the office of elected officials rather than in civil service, you have a very different job description. You will serve the elected official and unfortunately your job is at risk when election time rolls around.

If working for political parties or in government does not suit you, you could always work for a research company. These companies research policy issues. Once their research is finished, they recommend action that should be taken in an article on their findings.
what can you do with a political science degree for some may seem like an easy question to answer. If you look past the common choices, you will find a variety of job offerings available. For those who enjoy political science, your dream job is very obtainable.